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I’m not one to make promises I don’t intend on keeping so as promised here is my long awaited post! If you missed the first few reasons why I wish I stayed in Milan  or why I wished I spent more time understanding the African migrant story in Milan – well, where have you been? I am back with the last 4 reasons why I knew I should have stayed in Milan!

7. … to gawk at the architecture.

This one just goes without saying for me. I love the outdoors – I love nature… you know trees, waterfalls… Mpumalanga vibes so I usually gravitate towards these kind of locations when choosing my travel adventures. However… yes however darling Milan barely has any scenery like that. Milan’s beauty lies in the architecture.

Milan is as city-ish as the city can get, but dang it is a beauty!

The overall ambiance of being in Italy is breath-taking. The cobble streets (yes these are real – I saw it in pictures and wasn’t sure but yep it is real); all the buildings and people everywhere but none that takes away from the beauty of the architecture. The buildings in Milan tell a story from centuries ago.

The Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II
The Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II
Milan, Italy
Architecture in Milan

Pinacoteca di Brera (below) is just one of those places that you immediately begin to understand that you are walking through history. Not only is it a walk through a phenomenal architectural piece, it houses many design and architecture students by day, as well as beautiful paintings and sculptures day and night.

Pinacoteca di Brera
View from upstairs
Pinacoteca di Brera
View from downstairs lol
Pinacoteca di Brera
That’s me!

8. …because I can get used to being called bella everyday

For you to understand this you going to have to step out of the traditional look at cat-calling being insulting and imagine a time when your father would have had your mom blushing. Before cell phones, before jumping into people’s DMs, you know… before men lost their ability to truly flatter a woman…

And those are Milano gentleman for you. Never a dull moment. This melanin clearly comes well appreciated by some in those parts. Whether I stepped out of Ostello Bello or took a walk in Porto Venezia – I heard someone say ‘Ciao Bella!’ very often. Sometimes in a sultry voice- sometimes in a casual chatty voice. Be that as it may I don’t mind being greeted with a “hey beautiful” in any language!

9. Bar hop in Porto Venezia

I got this uneasy feeling that this was a part of town I shouldn’t have gone through on my own but this place has great nightlife that I wasn’t going to pass up because I was travelling solo. I got there early enough to join the aperitivo at a local spot.

Porto Venezia aperitivo’s are the best (maybe second to Navigli, so be sure to try both regions of Milan). Aperitivo is supposedly pre-drinks kind of food… what my friend would call “Munchies.” Simply put, it is a tapas buffet offered at various cafes and restaurants in and around Italy. I got that most people used tapas to fill up just before a night on the town. But hey this is Italy, I don’t think Italians know how to go small on anything – especially not the food. Best believe that was dinner every night!

When in Porto Venezia…
Aperitivo Porto Venezi
Aperitivo in Milan
Drinks on me!

10. Last but not least, to bump into A-list celebs

There are narrow streets, paved with cobblestones and home to some of the greatest fashion design houses in the world. I was getting a small snippet of the life of the rich and famous until I started to feel really uncomfortable as a convoy of black really-fancy-cars… (lol I give up on cars seriously…my knowledge of them is as bad as my knowledge of the football premier league) drove past me with dark/tinted windows…

No I didn’t see Kim Kardashian!

…or any other A-list celeb while I was in Milan but I definitely felt that these streets in Milan were exclusively reserved for the superstars (and I was that random African girl walking past nonchalantly). The buildings are simplistic, glamorous and surrounded by top security. It doesn’t take hollywood paparazzi to tell that there were some important people behind the high entrance doors I saw; the world’s greatest designers were at work. I imagined the world’s A-list celebrities doing their fittings for their next appearance and secretly wished they would invite me to have a look…lol tough chance!

Anyway that is Milan in a nutshell, I would go back in a heart beat and I wish you would come along for the ride…


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