The Garden of Eden: Switzerland


One of the toughest things about documenting experiences is waiting for inspiration. You would think that a place like St. Moritz (pronounced: Sankt–- Mu-–Ritz) hiding in between the Swiss Alps would give me ‘that thing’ but after drafting and deleting posts for the last couple of months about this, I found peace with this post never making it to the world.

I mean hello its Switzerland! The country is absolutely breathtaking. God favoured the Swiss. Switzerland is just the Garden of Eden. By far the most picturesque place in the world that I have been blessed enough to see with my naked eye. A glacial paradise (if I want to flex my English skills).

100 shades of lush greenery…

500 shades of cloud coated landscape…

300 shades of blue valleys…

0 shades of sun kissed skin? 

St Moritz, Switzerland
Engadine, Switzerland
St Moritz, Switzerland
St Moritz, Switzerland
View from the Bernina Express

So I got back from St Moritz mad excited to tell you guys about this place but like I said – dololo – writers block. Then this past festive season, like all the black folks in Joburg do during December – I hit the N1 with the family… pit stop Thoyandou Venda (that’s in Limpopo – for all my KZN and North West friends thinking its international nc nc nc). We have a family home in Venda and all of our lives I can recall my parents trying to get their ‘self-confessed-coconut-children’ to enjoy time there over the holidays. However I equally recall it being a fight year-on-year. This year was different, we somewhat volunteered to go up to Limpopo. Lol it comes with growing up – running away from everyday society starts to look more appealing during a quarter life crises. The struggle is real.

As we drive over the hills into a rural village called Ha-Mashau (Google maps has this on there, I’m pretty impressed) – Hello excitement! Hello inspiration! Okay its not the next best place for a baeation (rather read this on how to book for bae). But like the saying goes: I was like a kid in a candy store. “What?! Look at this place – this is insane! How come I’ve never seen this before even though we come this way every time? Its like God just turned on the light!” I was saying to my mother who is looking at me like I’m crazy at this point.

100 shades of lush greenery…

500 shades of cloud coated landscape…

300 shades of blue valleys… (Non GMO) fruit

100% shade of chocolate folk!

This is literally perfection.

Venda, South Africa
Ha- Mashao


Venda, Switzerland
Thoyandou South Africa
View from Sokotenda, Thoyandou

 The very thing I fell in love with about Switzerland was in my home all along… and I missed it.

Cava the contrast: I paid a generous Swiss Franc to hop onto the Bernina Express Railway from Tirano Italy to St Moritz Switzerland. I completely get why it has been declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Travelling exactly 2,253 metres above sea level and in between the Swiss Alps is about as close to God as anyone can get. It was worth every cent.

On the other hand, driving through Mashau is free of charge. African Goddesses in abundance, the terrain, the untouched land – the smell of fresh Litchi from the farms along the road actually gives St Moritz a run for its money.

Here’s the beauty of travel:

You go around the world looking for something, just to come back and realise that you left it all at home.

I had the fortune of staying in the 5 Star Kempinski Grand Hotel Des Bains in St Moritz, a place that is renowned for serenity. Its actually a Ski resort during the winter. It is luxury at its best with service to match. Included in your fee per night is the country side sounds of cattle bells as they take their morning stroll everyday past the hotel. A peaceful alarm clock which can be heard from just outside your window. Many people travel from far to come and fall asleep and wake up to these sounds. According to a colleague of mine from London “the sound is quaint and reminiscent of rural Africa.”

Oh the irony.

View from Kempinski Grand Hotel Des Bains

I mean I cannot reduce the grandeur of the Alps in Switzerland to mountains-without-a-name in Venda but I can surely confirm that Africa gives the world a run for its money. We are the world’s best kept secret. We must assign ourselves value so that people can also pay a generous ZAR to be like us. We must show people our value before we make our aspirations for the Big Apples of the world. #Staywoke

So with that I would like to retract my earlier statement and allow me to correct myself:

God favoured Africa. Venda is just the Garden of Eden. Fruits included.

Venda South Africa
Fresh from our garden in Thoyandou

Later 😉

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