Road trips before real life

Hartebeespoort Dam

A few days ago I was going through my photo galllery and stumbled on photos from a drive I took with my girls to Hartebeespoort during our university years.

In all honesty, the first thing I thought was yoh we look so thin… University was good for a ladies figure. I dont know if we were hungry back then or we just really cared to keep it all together.

Anyways back to the topic, it was Sparky’s first road trip outside of Johannesburg and we actaully just wanted to go somewhere but nowhere too far. We look mad happy in the photos. I actually remember, a couple of passersby on the bridge stopped to take some of the pictures before trying to convince us that we should go to Sun City for the weekend with them. Lol tough chance! Forget the fact that that they just came from Sun City and were actually driving back to Johannesburg. Turn back? I think not.

I really just like how young and so happy we were in the photos – we were really the youth they talk about in government policies. It was a last minute decision to actually go. I remember waking up on the Saturday to a message from Thando saying:

“Hey friend, what you doing today? Do you want to go grab some coffee?”

I responded “I’m actually going to Harties for the day – do you want to come along?”

I didnt have to ask her twice and she was there.

Hartebees[ort cable car
4 ladies in Hartebeespoort

So there it was, 4 ladies on a trip to Hartebeesport, not sure where in Hartebeesport we wanted to go but that wasnt really the point. On our way, we stopped for way too many pictures by the waterfalls and chatted to way too many people stuck in the traffic on the Narrow Bridge. All this before we got lost on the other side. I dont think we wanted to admit that we were lost, we just had no idea where we were or where we were going…

We make for good lost people though because we actually ended up on the Harties cableway and up the mountain for a buffet lunch to the most stunning view. Yummy!

cable car hartebeespoort
View from the cable car, Hartebeesport

Here is the reason you have to take these random trips though…

Sitting chatting away during lunch, getting seconds and thirds (hello there were only a handful of people in the restaurant up top and Aya and I are not ones to let a buffet go to waste). Kenosi comments “eh these folks next to us have a thick accent hey” and yep we all nodded. I think I even said “definately folks from Britain.” Then we let it go.

We then got home late that night and watching the news I realised that we must have really just liked each others company way too much to realise that we were sitting next to the famous Richard Branson. I kid you not. It was around the time of Nelson Mandela’s funeral so I dont know why it didnt click to us that there were some influential people in the country at the time.

All in all, it wasnt the most exciting trip, nor was it to some exotic location but certainly one of my favourite. Because of the celeb spotting you ask? Nope, just because it was the last spontaneous trip I got to have with the gorgeous woman before life got real.

girls on hartees bridge

This post is dedicated to Mama Kabi, Mama Nashe and Mama Boitumelo…




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