Life is like an elephant ride


I have a whole lot of highlights from my trip to Patong and one memory that tops the list for me has to be the elephant trekking.

The other tourists on our trip were quite surprised that I was taken by it all taking that I’m from Africa and we have elephants in our backyard and all…

Nonetheless I actually found it quite informative. The geeky me asked the travel guide everything, including:

  • What’s the difference between the Thai Elephant and the African one?

  • How many of the elephants are actually left in the wild?

  • Do they understand English or Thai, or none of it?

If you are a curious case like me we can share the answers together sometime.

So we arrived at this place which is like a mini zoo or something and there they were. A towering figure with its very own mini me. The mini me Elephant was apparently two weeks old but its much larger than the average 6 year old.

elephant feeding
Feeding the giant

As amazing as I thought they were, I was terrified of that trunk!

It feels like a rough almost gravel-like thing and its hell of a strong – one wrong move with that pineapple and I was done for! Hence I’m trying keep my distance…

Then we went on an Elephant ride. The seat on the elephant has built in seatbelts! Hahaha! That just kills me. The seatbelts are pretty useless though, I know of someone who actually fell off an elephant on holiday so take my word for it that you just do everything you can to stay up top. This was pretty eventful especially when they guy directing the elephant (he was actually sitting on the Elephant’s head) stopped suddenly in some dingy path with our friendly giant to instruct us to give him money for some silly creation he made. This my friend is daylight, highup robbery if you ask me. Seriously, on top of the elephant… we getting robbed on top of an elephant?! No ways – I’m from one of the crime capitals of the world but this is something I’ve never seen!

view from elephant top
Smiling like all is good

Anyways, I gave him what he wanted fearing that after one wrong move we would join the elephant graves. Nonetheless it was one of the best experiences of my life.

It mirrored a lot of reality… How so you ask (if you didnt ask well then you should have):

Don’t get it twisted, like elephants – this life thing is much bigger than you

Your only realise when its all over that you should have taken more time to enjoy the view from the top

A dingy path can lead to a great opportunity… if you’re a crook

At the end, you’ll want to do it all over again

Lastly, the difference between Marie and an African elephant is that she doesn’t have tusks. There are about 6000 of her kind left in Thailand. She understands English, in fact she is a total movie star who responds to the words “Action!”


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