Should you also go to Thailand?


It’s about 5 hours before my next flight and this time I’m off to … Thailand!

Its been on my sister’s bucket list for years so we’ve finally decided to free up some time and head over. You should know this about me though before I continue- although I’m a “liker of things” I really do not like flying. Its not a fear I have, I just think it’s tedious and scarily unnatural.  I repeat, not a fear. Just to make matters worse – our flight to Thailand is about 14 Hours and 30 minutes. That’s excluding stop over times and the distance from the airport to the those man-made boats along blue waters you see in all the photos. So by the time I’m safely tucked into the hotel bed it would have been about 22 hours, yep almost a full day.

Lets start with the obvious: “Thailand is a country on Southeast Asia’s Indochina peninsula known for tropical beaches, opulent royal palaces, ancient ruins and ornate temples displaying figures of Buddha, a revered symbol. “ dankie Wikipedia. Its a very popular destination for South Africans – every Joe, Sam and Kokwani Chauke has been there already. I’m serious, the first time I heard about it was from Kokwani’Chauke about some 5 years ago.  Here’s why:

  • South Africans don’t need a Visa to go to Thailand and
  • It is reasonably priced

If you go at a good time (May- Oct is not a good time, don’t be fooled by travel agents!) and shop around various travel packages, the trip can cost you at minimum about R10 000 (flights and accommodation included). The accommodation in Thailand goes for a steal price, we actually paid for 8 nights what I recently paid for my birthday weekend in Umhlanga Durban.

When travelling locally I like to book my own flights, tickets and set up my itinerary but I prefer to use an agent for international trips. You never know how hectic this language barrier thing is until you have to explain why you need a life jacket to a Portuguese sailor in the middle of the Indian ocean. *Sigh* memories…some not so pleasant. So leave that to the agents if you can.

We will be spending our entire trip in party island Patong with a day at the Phi Phi Islands. We might do a day in Bangkok (the Capital City) for some shopping but this one was really for us have summer for a little longer. I’m not expecting much aside from blue seas and markets, so let’s paint this blank canvas together.

Touch base on the other side?

Later my lovings…


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