Do you remember in primary school when straight after the school holidays the first assignment would be “What did you do for the holidays?” If we weren’t writing about it for English class – we were reciting speeches of it in Afrikaans. Gosh, I hated that assignment!

The reason was simple… I didn’t do much really so writing a full page essay about it was a drag. The thing is, I grew up in a typical African household. School holidays were the perfect opportunity for me and all my sisters and cousins to be shipped off to Gogo’s place. All six of us in a simple four room in Tshiawelo, Soweto. No Ktv (yes it was a thing back then), no DStv… in fact we weren’t even allowed to watch SABC! My gran was so adamant “TV ahiya vana” (TV isnt for children!). So we did what kids did back then, we woke up played in the street and came back before dark to bath and cook supper. Strangely this was a luxury to us, it was either that or stay home and wash curtains! [Any black girl that was in the township during school holidays or otherwise can relate to this I tell you!]

Ya, so back to this essay problem. I would sit and listen to my classmates go on about their fancy holidays to places I had never even heard of then. (I remember I first heard of Knysna in one of those classes – still haven’t been there but I’m working on it). I told myself the day I finish school and start working I’m going to do something with my holidays that is worth writing about. So TADA! It took something like 15 years but here it is… My very own what I did these holidays essay!

Come with me as I document my travels locally and abroad.I’ll give you an honest perspective and I like things so trust me – it’ll be insightful and fun so you can go too.

I hope this inspires some black girl like me to stop washing curtains on your day-off and go and see the world!

And that’s why…


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